‘Adams’ Blog Post #2

I have found a second source that relates well to my focused subject of our fear of war and being harmed and the way that fear can be responsible for the actions we take.




This article, titled “The Endless Fear of Terrorism,” talks specifically about how our initial fear created from the events of September 11th is still very existent today. Although that fear could begin to decline, it is not very likely. We are still very fearful of terrorism happening in our country. The article suggests that even if the fear did start to diminish, that one small terroristic occurance could spark that giant fear all over again.

Relating this back to Saunders story, “Adams,” I wonder if the narrator had not murdered Adams, would his fear keep building and building or would it have diminished eventually if he tried to ignore his irrationality? His fear did build enough for him to commit murder, but what if he did try to ignore it? Adams most likely wouldn’t have stopped being weird and doing strange things, so the narrator probably wouldn’t have been able to ignore it. But what if Adams took control of himself and left the narrator alone? The narrator could have eventually stopped worrying about Adams so much and could have diminished his fear of being harmed by Adams.


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‘Adams’ Blog post #1

How does the fear in our lives dictate the actions we take? In George Saunders short story, “Adams,” the narrator has so much fear that he will be harmed by Adams that he goes to an extreme by murdering Adams and his family. The narrator over thinks Adams’ actions and takes everything into such great account that he builds up all this fear inside his mind that eventually comes out in his physical actions. This story shows the potential of our actions to be dictated by our fear.

Fear plays a big role in our society today and has a lot of negative consequences. As a society, we are so scared of so many things; too many things. We hold on to this fear and let it grow on us so much that eventually that fear causes us to make decisions based on the fear itself.  There are so many examples of this in our society. A few include: fear of man and what man thinks of us, fear of not reaching ‘The American Dream,” fear of being alone, and fear of war and being harmed.

Saunders story, “Adams,” can be related to our fear of war and being harmed. The is exactly why the narrator in the story acted the way he did. An example to go along with this fear is the current war on terror. Specifically the events that occurred on September 11, 2001, and what emotion those events caused us to have. Though these events caused fear inside us as Americans, I don’t necessarily think this kind of fear is a bad one. After having so many loved ones die in this war and having the United States directly attacked, it makes sense that that fear would develop inside of us. So in the case of the Iraq war, I do think our actions as a country were dictated by fear but I don’t think that it was a bad fear to have. As a country and as people, we were afraid, so we took action. The war in Iraq is a good example of how our actions can be dictated by our fears.



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